Posted on Jul 9, 2020

Mudsharks Coffee Bar

This is easily the most exciting and gratifying announcement we've ever made.
Introducing The Kindness Project, an initiative to make Kindness even louder in the Comox Valley.
We've partnered with 98.9 Jet FM and after reading more about this project below, you can apply at
The Kindness Project involves kindness wishes and the kindness army.
Kindness Wishes can be for yourself, or you can provide a wish for someone else in our community. These can come in many forms - material objects, acts of service, spoken words, or any other kind gesture.
The Kindness Army is made up of individuals and local businesses who want to help fulfil these wishes. We all want to be more kind, but sometimes don't know what to do. Volunteering to be on the Kindness Army allows you to grant kindness wishes any time you can.
We're also looking for local businesses to be part of the Army.
Click the link now, and help us make Kindness louder.
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