Posted on Jan 11, 2019

Mudsharks Coffee Bar

As of Monday January 14, we’ll now be open until 8:00PM Monday night through Friday night so you can enjoy dinner with us.....or to just relax and hang out with a coffee or non-alcoholic drink.
Our community coffee bar and dining is opening later to provide a comfortable place at night to spend time with family and friends in an alcohol free environment.
We’ll have the same food items as our daytime menu, but excited to offer a new and different vegan meal option every night.
Entrees such as vegan mushroom stroganoff and cheesy vegan cauliflower risotto....just to name a couple.
Also, we will have 2 delicious rotating vegan dessert choices such as vegan tiramisu, vegan cheesecake in a jar, and vegan chocolate cake with peanut butter ganache.
All this in an effort to better serve our beautiful community.